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Construction Management/Owner Representation Services

38NORTH provides CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT/OWNER REPRESENTATION (CM/OR) services to lead our clients from the very inception of a project, through to the end when the keys are turned over. Our goal, is to IDENTIFY key elements and decisions to develop an accurate PATH to guide the entire Planning & Development and Design & Construction process to a KNOWN OUTCOME.


General Contractor Services

38NORTH’s GENERAL CONTRACTING services are built upon years of delivering challenging and unique projects from the Front Range of Colorado to deep into the ROCKY MOUNTAINS. We understand EVERY project is unique and there are no two projects alike. Our COMMITMENT is to be an integral PARTNER on every TEAM and build a strong relationship based on trust and the ability to meet these unique challenges. With a roll up your sleeves and dig in attitude, 38NORTH looks for challenging and unique projects to showcase our skills and become a TRUSTED partner on every team.